Welcome! I’m Cara Lyn Greco

I am a business and legal advisor to individuals and small companies.

It’s my belief that owning and operating a successful business does not have to consume your life negatively. My goal is to help you resolve disputes without resorting to litigation by developing well thought out systems and supporting agreements. My purpose is to work with you to develop a prosperous, well thought out business that operates in an energetic, strategic environment.

As a start-up founder and former CEO, I understand first-hand the many frustrations of owning and operating a business. I have experienced those moments of being confronted with a problem about which I simply did not know what to do. I have worked through partnership dissolutions and resolved staff conflicts. I have developed and implemented strategic plans, self-funded and raised capital to grow a business, represented my company in contract negotiations and labor board disputes. I have lived through the sleepless nights spent worrying about the bank balance, and the stress-filled days overwhelmed by a seemingly never-ending “to-do” list struggling to prioritize while wishing I could figure out how to clone myself.

I have founded my business and legal consulting practice to help business owners build a company that enables them to enjoy success both professionally and personally. In addition to my practical business knowledge, I rely on my experience gained as a litigator to help you avoid legal disputes. I use the skills gained in obtaining my CPA as an auditor with Price Waterhouse to help you develop a system of internal controls to mitigate the risk of loss. Through my studies of health and wellness, I work with you to maintain a healthy and balanced mental and physical state. It’s my belief that without both of those, true success will not be achieved or sustained.

It would be my pleasure to work with you to resolve your business obstacles and to engineer a company that inspires your life.

Business Management Consultant For Hire

Starting and running a business is stressful and often isolating.  There are times when aspects of your business are not in alignment with your overall vision and set goals. You know that you should be further along and performing more energetically, efficiently and effectively.

Poor cash flow, low or no profits, low sales, little working capital, unsatisfied customers, poor quality, rework, unhappy team members, strained relationships and working really long hours are some typical symptoms.

You need a fresh perspective to inject renewed enthusiasm and energy into your business.

Meet Cara Greco

Cara Lyn Greco is an entrepreneurial business strategist who is also an experienced and qualified CEO, Attorney and Certified Public Accountant. She provides management consulting services to Start-Ups and Small Business owners in the areas of revenue growth, systems of operation and leadership development.

By gaining a comprehensive understanding of your business, Cara will help you to clarify needs, identify obstacles and recommend the optimal means to achieve your business’ strategic goals. Having obtained her CPA through public auditing, she has a unique ability for identifying and mitigating risk, correcting areas of revenue loss and optimizing financial performance.

Additionally, she ensures that owners and their team are operating from their core competencies by incorporating human psychology factors into business.

Cara Greco’s management consulting services include:

  • Business Assessment & Goal Definition
  • Strategic Business Planning
  • Risk Assessment & Financial Management
  • Conflict Resolution & Problem Solving
  • Leadership Skill Development
  • Project Management & Implementation of Solution Design and Delivery
  • Other – learn more about other consulting services Cara provides.

Contact Cara today to gain insight into the problematic symptoms you may be experiencing in your business.

You’ll Like Cara

It’s important that you trust and feel comfortable with your business consultant as they learn the intimate details of your personal and professional life.  You’ll find that Cara has a sincere desire to help you achieve your short and long term goals. You will find her to be approachable and collaborative while challenging you to achieve the prosperity you desire. 

Other attributes that Cara will bring to the table include:

  • Super strong business, commercial and strategic skills.
  • Attitude of positive, maximized resource exploitation
  • A track record of “been there, seen it and done it” experience several times over.
  • Expert contacts of other supports you will need to grow your business.
  • Empathy to understand your big picture goals for your business.

Contact Cara today for a friendly, confidential chat about your business.

Cara In Action

Cara has a track record of elevating organizational performance and raising management’s leadership competencies. Following are some examples of what she has achieved…

  • Defined strategy for wireless cable provider in St. Thomas, US VI, to cease revenue losses averaging $48K monthly.
  • Created pro forma to determine operational viability, as company opened in market with zero competition, then subsequently faced re-emergence of bigger-name competitor with digital capabilities.
  • Achieved $53K savings for a California Realtor.  Led a 6-month engagement to convert manual operations to automated accounting using Office, QuickBooks, and VersaChecks, which eased reliance on costly outsourced services.
  • Positioned start-up provider of Internet domain names and vanity phone numbers to generate $180K in 1st-year revenue by defining business model and strategy to target customers by geographic segment.

As you can see, Cara Greco achieves real results for businesses and can help you too. To understand how Cara can assist your business, contact her today for a no-obligation chat.